What is the value of a physician?

Is your doctor’s value in the prescription s/he provides? The scalpel? Or is it his/her expertise in identifying a pattern of symptoms to diagnose and heal?

What is the value of working with Herr Capital Management, LLC?

Is it in the products we provide? Is it the plan?

It is our expertise and commitment to help you navigate the complexity of retirement plan design and employee benefits.   We proactively identify plan alternatives, employee habits and saving patterns, and identify the appropriate specialists required to ensure your corporate benefit goals are met.     



We are not affiliated with any brand name firms who expect us to use proprietary products or have competing goals.  Our independence allows us to focus on providing you unbiased, practical retirement plan solutions with the flexibility to use whatever products and service providers are best suited for your needs.  We are results oriented because our success is entirely dependent on your success.


Our unique, comprehensive retirement plan approach combines the expertise of independent firms providing you with tremendous flexibility and a solution unmatched in the industry. 


We strive to:


  • Simplify plan administration

  • Balance plan costs

  • Offer industry leading investment options

  • Provide superior employee education


We do this by implementing a sound process to evaluate, optimize, implement, educate and monitor your plan performance.



Our responsibility is to help ensure the integrity of your retirement plan today and in the future.  Our service promise is one of the most compelling reasons to work with us.

  • RESPONSE TIME:  We promise to reply to your call and emails within 48 hours.

  • ACCURATE INFORMATION: We promise to research and ensure any information we provide you is timely, accurate and pertinent to your plan design.

  • EDUCATION: We promise to provide education to you as a plan sponsor and to your employees both upon the introduction of the plan and on an ongoing basis.

  • PROACTIVE: We promise to be proactive in the servicing and monitoring of your retirement plan.

  • COMPETENT: We promise to only work within our expertise and to consult with outside experts when necessary.

  • TEAMWORK: Working as a team means we will provide and receive candid feedback on a continual basis.  This ensures we are each doing our part for a successful plan.

FUN: We promise to make your experience with us fun.


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