Congratulations you have an Inheritance!

If you're the beneficiary of a large inheritance, you may find yourself suddenly wealthy. Even if you expected the inheritance, you may be surprised by the size of the bequest or the diverse assets you've inherited. You'll need to evaluate your new financial position, learn to manage your sizable assets, and consider the tax consequences of your inheritance, among other issues. Issues that arise in connection with an inheritance If you've recently received a bequest, consider the possibility that the will may be contested if your inheritance was large in comparison with that received by other beneficiaries. Or, you may decide to contest the will if you feel slighted. If you're the spouse of

Retiring? Average returns are useless.

During retirement, the interplay between your rate of withdrawal and the sequence of returns will have a dramatic impact on the portfolio’s

Wealth360 Updates for YOU

Wealth360 Updates We wanted to reach out to bring you up to speed on a topic that's been generating a lot of interest in the financial services space: data aggregation. As you know, the security of your data is our top priority. And as part of our commitment to ensuring your information is protected in today's changing security landscape, we're planning make a few gradual changes to your Personal Financial Website over time. Here's what you need to know: The Connections on your Personal Financial Website currently aggregate your data in two ways – either via APIs or a method known as "screen scraping." Our industry has identified that API-based aggregation is the most effective and secure be

Economist Forecasts vs. Great Investment Minds

As we meet the middle of 2018, we will see all sorts of predictions about the second half of the year as well as predictions about the next few years. Humans love mental short cuts. Frequently we make decisions based on the opinions and conclusions of others, especially if we view them as “experts”. When it comes to the economy and markets, we have plenty of experts to look to for guidance. However, one fundamental truth is that no economist offering predictions is right. If fact, according to research conducted by Werner De Bondt, economists forecast have an average 12-month forecast tracking error of 15%! His conclusion is that even the best forecasts are terrible. Here are some of th

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