• Melissa N. Osika, MBA

A Magical Experience.....

Have you ever been to Disney World? My family recently took a family trip there and I am convinced that some people spend more time planning their Disney vacations than they do looking at their financial picture or when they plan on retiring?

Booking a Disney vacation is all about creating a “magical” experience. You start the process by deciding the dates of your vacation and magically all these additional websites appear to tell you “best ways to save on a Disney vacation” or “where to eat” or “top things to pack.” Once the trip is booked then you download your “My Disney Experience” app. On this app it has everything from wait times at the parks, Disney dining experience, park information, fast passes for certain rides, you can order food from the app, or even the photos you may take during your vacation.

Planning a vacation to Disney World was more involved than I bargained for. However, all the planning on the front end allowed us to enjoy our magical trip. We needed to figure out which park we were going to be at on which days and if the park had “magic hours.” We could also book all of the dining experiences we wanted 180 days prior to our trip. You read that correctly, 6 months before our trip we needed to plan our dining. Then 60 days before you depart you are selecting the fast passes for the park rides. The fast pass experience allows you to jump to the front of the line. Then 30 days before your travel date your magic bands are shipped to your front door.

Lastly, Disney has opted for all travelers to wear “Magic Bands.” I have to be honest the bands are pretty slick, NO WALLETS, NO MONEY, less things to carry and worry about getting stolen or lost; similar to the app they have everything linked. These bands are waterproof, your ticket to enter the park, your room key, use them as your credit card, all your dining credits, fast passes and even when your pictures are taken the Disney photographers swipe your bands and your pictures magically appear on your app.

Just as Disney has several tools to ensure your vacation is magical, Herr Capital Management has tools we think are magical too. We have tools that can assess your retirement income probability, Wealth 360, tools for education, cash flow, and financial planning to name a few. The best part is we can help you plan 20 years out, even 5 years out with different circumstances. Our Wealth 360 App even allows you to check your net worth daily. Our planning strategies help run through those “what -if” scenarios.

Let us at Herr Capital Management ensure your transition is magical. Regardless of the transition, let us do the heavy thinking…..making sure your I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed so you can enjoy your magical moment.

After working all these years shouldn’t retirement be magical too?!

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