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American Portfolios Colleague Completes Climb to Raise $15,000 for Charity.

Knock off climbing to Mount Everest’s Base Camp off American Portfolios (AP) colleague Terrence Herr’s bucket list. Herr, of Herr Capital Management, LLC in Chicago, IL., recently returned from his trek to Mount Everest in Nepal. Although not being able to make his final goal of climbing to Island Peak at 20,305 feet, Herr still made the climb to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar, which is an altitude of 18,519 feet.

In an interview with The Independent, Herr explained why he called off the Island Peak climb at the last minute, “My oxygen level dropped to 71 percent, and I had a sinus infection; so, I decided that Island Peak was not a good option,” he said. “I am already making plans to return”.

Along with the challenges faced during the climb, there were difficulties even before Herr left for Nepal. “I had found a group of people from Chicago who were going to Everest Base Camp, and the original plan was that there was going to be eight of us in that group. One person broke her leg coming down off a mountain in Colorado last spring. As I looked at the dates, and talked to the guide services, they suggested that climbing the first week of June, while technically still in season, would run the risk of monsoons. So, I ended up moving my trip up two weeks and going over by myself sort of as an orphan, which I guess is somewhat appropriate [given the cause of my mission],” Herr said.

Herr has always wanted to climb Everest, as it has been on his bucket list for a long time, but he knew that he also wanted to do something else alongside the climb. That’s where Children’s Home and Aid (CHA) organization comes in. CHA is a charity devoted to supporting foster children. Herr and his wife, Carla, have been donating and working with the charity for years. He wanted to make sure that his climb wasn’t just for himself. He decided to use the climb as a tool to raise money on behalf of CHA; collecting $15,000 in charitable donations – 100 percent of which went to the Illinois-based charity.

Herr shares that his thought was “if I'm going to do this climb, it might as well be something

that I can draw attention to, like foster care, and raise some money. So, it was always going to be 100 percent for charity,” Herr said. Looking forward, Herr plans to make use of Cairn for Kids, which he formed for his socially responsible May 2018 imitative, for future charitable efforts.

If you would like to donate to the CHA, their Web site can be found at: www.childrenshomeandaid.org/cairnforkids

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